Intelligent Document Processing

More over, the significant human effort involved in entering the data from image to electronic databases is prone to human errors, low productivity and significant time lag from the time the information is first captured to the time it can be actually used. This greatly restricts their ability to convert the captured business information into actionable knowledge.

IDOCS Global Services LLP addresses organizations’ document processing challenges through a unique combination of next-generation platforms. IDOCS, Intelligent Document Solutions go beyond mere capture and archival, into the realm of intelligent interpretation, helping customers automate their end-to-end document lifecycle, optimize business processes, and intelligently validate and route business information to the right persons at the right time in the right format. Smart features like auto-masking of critical information, the ability to process both, structured and unstructured documents covering handwritten, typewritten, bar-coded and check-marked information, IDOCS offers unmatched versatility to the client’s varying organizational document processing requirements.

Our Professional Services Consultants work with our customers to design, implement and deploy automated document driven business solutions, which are customised to a clients exact requirement.


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