Suited for Customers :

  • Who have expensive and inefficient paper processing issues
  • Who have high storage costs in multiple locations
  • Who experience delays while trying to find and access paper-based information
  • Where there is requirement to include unstructured information with transactional data
  • Where multiple systems are used for managing key business processes
  • Who have difficulty in complying with statutory and legal regulations around documents
  • Require a business partner who is a One Stop shop for all document related activities
  • Who have specific needs around particular business document types e.g. Invoice, Applications, HR etc.,

Who want to or need to...

  • To improve customer services by accessing business critical documents online 24x7
  • Improve productivity and quality through process improvement and standardization
  • Reduce cost of manually intensive paper processes
  • Reduce storage costs of paper in expensive locations
  • Access key business information stored in critical business documents
  • Integrate business critical documents with Back/Front office systems.


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