The Imaging & Document Management Service (IDMS) core components include:

• Preparation and Scanning
• Indexing and Conversion
• Hosting Services
• Records Management
• Document Management
• Email Archiving
• Workflow
• Integration Services

The IDMS service can be delivered as an onsite service on a client site or can be fully delivered via IDOCS global services regional hubs.

This service can also be delivered via a blended model of onsite and offsite providing the client with reduced start up costs whilst leveraging the full IDOCS hub infrastructure including access to offshore partners and Hosting Services.

IDMS provides:

• Agreed document turnaround and service levels
• Improved user and business productivity
• Improved knowledge management
• Effective infrastructure to support change management.
• Optimised and often reduced total cost of process
• Intelligent processes and service improvement exploiting our Lean Six Sigma know how
• Best practice service
• Single point of contact, management and escalation across all services giving consistency of delivery across the end to end service lifecycle
• Global capability for multinational organisations

We have taken these core components and using cutting edge technologies created a series of Imaging applications targeted to specific customer issues including :

Electronic Mailroom:

An Imaging application designed to capture documents, automatically categorise them and distribute them into the clients back and front office systems (ERP/CRM).

Invoice Capture and Hosting:

An Imaging Application designed to capture Invoices, extract key information and Host the content for clients to support compliance and legal requirements

Document & Record Management:

A combination of applications designed to provide a managed service offering for the provision of day forward documents (document management) and business critical documents (Records) that need to be retained for a long period of time.

Form Capture & Hosting:

Imaging Applications designed to capture Application forms, extract key information and host the content for clients to support compliance and legal requirements.

Medical Records:

A managed service provides document management and scanning services that are integrated into clinical systems including the Patient Administration System to provide a complete solution for e-health.

Human Resource Records:

A managed service providing scanning of all HR related documents, extracting key information in the documents and integrating the hosted documents into the HR systems.

Contracts Management:

A managed service to provide the management of contracts and related documents, that can be either scanned or live documents that are hosted for online access 24 x 7 worldwide.

Government Applications:

A series of imaging applications both document management and scanning services that will be designed to address the issues that face local and central government including: Housing Issues, Vehicle Issues, Benefits Management and Social Security.

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