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IDOCS strives to provide secure information collection from the point of information creation, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate with thier existing ECM, mitigate risks, provide daily reports and uniformly lower operating costs.

We have a few set of tools currently available and are working towards more tools in development stage to achieve secure information collection.

IDOCS - Virtual Filing Solution (IDOCS-VFS)

The purpose of this utility is to automate the storage of scanned images / PDF documents based on filing criteria defined.


  • Keep Track of the Page Count per Document.  
  • Reports total documents filled along with page count
  • Folder lists can be populated by configuration
  • New Folder types can be assigned by customisation*

This will be a desktop application which will run on your client workstation like a service.

The utility is mapped to a given work folder. It monitors this work-folder for all documents edited or modified and automatically uploads to the DMS Server. This utility is useful for field executives who updates their documents and whenever they are back on the network their work-folder data is automatically updated to the server.

Current Compatibility : Xerox DocuShare 6.x

Intelligent Document Management Utility.

Intelligent Document Management Utility by IDOCS is an Indexing & Document Management utility, which can be configured to index and output various document intensive processes. This is a web based solution using IIS & .NET Technology.

The utility allows the indexing of the scanned documents and the output can be delivered as an image and XML to the output folder.

The salient feature of this utility is that it also provides connectivity to deliver the indexed document directly into Xerox DocuShare.

It also provides the ability to the user to upload a complete document structure to DocuShare.