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Our Backup solution uses a mirroring data backup software for Windows. Configure a pair of directories and the solution will make sure that one stays an exact copy of the other. It is light, uncomplicated and includes a comprehensive array of supporting features. It is also incredibly fast.

With this BACKUP Software solution, IDOCS addresses the need for Professional backup software capable of handling enteprise scale tasks. 

The high engineering standards of this Windows-based backup software has enabled it to quickly establish a foothold within IT circles in across the world. We have aligned this with a development roadmap to better support the backup scenarios specific to enterprise use. Our team is available to manage the configuration and timely review the backups taken

Multi-million item and multi-terabyte capability

Under the hood, the software sports a revised high-performance backup engine capable of collecting and digesting massive amounts of data without straining the host system. Coupled with the existing benefits of the formal backup planning module, this change enables our backup solution to handle backup tasks of virtually unlimited size and complexity. 


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IDOCS provides expertise in digital business process technology and document management solutions. We have a wide and exciting range of solutions at our disposal, sourced from leading companies around the world to ensure we deliver the very latest in Intelligent effective and cost efficient technology to our clients. Our document management systems are available over the Web and Cloud as well as on-premise, and we have some stunningly clever document processing solutions, with the knowledge and ability to migrate data from any source into a digital management system quickly and accurately.

A business does not have to spend high amounts on this type of solution today, as technology has greatly reduced the price point to much more acceptable level. Businesses can now enjoy all of the benefits for a competitive pricing. Costing models range from pure operational expenditure on a cost per usage model, to a more known capital expenditure model of a single cost perpetual license, for a stated number of people. We provide a wide range of options to meet department project and enterprise needs, with our key feature being that our solutions are more cost effective and more efficient than most other service providers.