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Streamline Your Invoice Processes

Paper-based invoices cost companies an average of $15 each, which covers the labor costs of manually capturing, verifying, posting and filing the inbound invoice. Most companies begin by photocopying paper-based invoices and then sending them to various departments for verification. Any data relevant for accounting is then entered into the company's accounting and payment systems. If someone makes a mistake when entering this data, the process gets delayed even further.

A great deal of time is also wasted trying to obtain additional information for the invoicing party, colleagues and superiors. The long invoicing process (particularly those in place in companies with several sites) can negatively affect the company's eligibility for discounts. Failure to meet payment conditions could cause long-lasting damage to your relationship with your supplier. Liquidity planning might also suffer as you are unable to accurately calculate liabilities. Under these circumstances, precise cash-flow planning can be very difficult or even impossible.

With Doxis4 InvoiceMaster you can automatically process all inbound invoices, partial invoices and collective invoices (with or without a purchase order reference) on a daily basis.  An invoice could be comprised of a single one-page or several hundred-page (e.g. as in construction invoices) document. All inbound channels — from mail, fax, and email to electronic sharing formats — are covered. Depending on the organization, invoice reading and verification can take place either decentrally or centrally as a shared service at one location for the entire company.

Invoice Master

Invoice Master is comprised of three modules which can be implemented separately or combined.

  • Invoice Read - Highly efficient process for extracting and validating all data and invoice items (pre-trained and self learning process)
  • Invoice Control - Verification and approval of invoices across all systems throughout the entire company.
  • Invoice Control for SAP -  Invoice verification and approval process integrated directly into SAP (incl. web-based client for non-SAP users)