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Employee Onboarding


Manage the process of onboarding new employees with increased speed and accuracy and improve employee services levels and ensure opportunities for retaining staff stay high.

By providing HR with a holistic view of all related information in a single location, this solution enables HR staff to easily track the entire onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments. Through automation, increased visibility and centralized information management, the IDOCS Workflow Automation Solution for HR Onboarding supports more effective HR onboarding and improvement in the service that HR provides to new employees.

Quickly onboard new hires for employee satisfaction and immediate productivity.

The onboarding process gives new hires their first impression of what it’s going to be like working for your organization. Unfortunately, onboarding can be paper-intensive—HR managers may struggle with cumbersome forms and the need to capture employee documentation such as proof of residency, ID cards and more. As a result, the HR onboarding can be costly, slow, error prone and a source of irritation to new hires and HR staff alike.

Driving Cost Savings and Staff Efficiencies

The processes of recruiting hiring and on-boarding staff should not require colossal effort, from most of the team. The creation of new staff records is in most cases a task intensive process, usually based on paper systems, as well as a range of Microsoft documents stored on a shared drive. We have seen as many as 40 different manual stages in a single recruitment to hiring process within a large organisation, with a cost overhead to make one cry. That is just not financially sustainable or efficient.

The challenges of using a mix of paper based, internal job sites  and shared drives results in dispersed and complex processes, with many people storing information in different ways, across different locations, under different file structures. The costs of this are colossal in relation to what they could be, and non compliance opens the way to costly litigation.  

 A simple, powerful and highly effective digital business automation solution is available that will deliver 100%’s + Return on Investment.

User Adoption and Installation

Fast effective user adoption is very important for a smooth migration to an electronic HR records management system. 

Installation can be on a fully hosted platform, cloud based or fully installed on your network. Access is secure via a simple browser, so onsite and remote users are now seamlessly connected via a secure fast effective system.

The entire solutions is also provided as an outsourced service in an OPEX model.