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Let IDOCS Global Services transform your mounds of paper documents into high quality, fully indexed electronic files that are:

  • Easy to Find - Documents are quickly located with the click of a mouse
  • Easy to Read - Scanned images are guaranteed to be as good as or better than the originals
  • Secured - Files can only be accessed by authorized personnel
  • Protected - Quickly recover from fire, flood, earthquake, or other disaster
  • Audit Ready


  1. Go Paperless

    The benefits are immediate. The cost to store and maintain large quantities of paper documents are staggering. There are hard costs (boxes, cabinets, storage space), labor costs (filing, finding, re-filing), hidden costs (frustration, inefficiency) and the costs of dealing with serious problems (lost files, document security). Going paperless can save your budget and your sanity.

  2. A Painless Process 

    We’ll handle every detail, from removing staples to checking the quality of each scan. We can even put your originals back exactly the way they started. The end result: your files will be ready for import into any leading document management system.

  3. Purpose Built Document Indexing Software
    • Batch, folder, and workflow management system
    • Multiple indexing methods: assisted key from image, zonal OCR, barcode, database lookup, and combination
    • Image enhancement
    • Popular Export/Output delivery Formats

  4. Think Green
    • Save the planet.

      How many reams of documents does your business produce each month? How can you reduce the environmental impact of all this paper, while still preserving easy long-term access to the files? Switch to electronic document storage.

    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

      Our document imaging experts can scan and digitize your documents, and then shred and recycle the originals. Every 67 boxes of recycled files saves 31 trees!

  5. Document Preparation Services
    • Staple, Clip, etc. Removal
    • Document Type Analysis
    • Trial Run Results Review Before Production
    • On-site Secure Shredding

  6. Document Recovery

    • Disasters are never planned.
      What would happen if all of your business’ documents and files were destroyed by fire (or fire sprinklers), flood, earthquake or theft? Would you recover, or would the disaster put you out of business?


Preserve your documents now, before disaster strikes. Your digitized files can be stored on servers or CDs, with backup copies held in safe out-of-state locations.


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