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IDMS : Intelligent Document Management Services is a managed service which will enable corporate customers to capture documents electronically, convert them and manage them within a business critical process.

Our Intelligent Document Management Services streamline your business processes by providing fast, accurate, and secure access to information. Our extensive capabilities help optimize your business processes by capturing documents quickly, cost effectively, and securely. The service can be delivered as an onsite service on a client site or can be fully delivered via IDOCS offsite hubs. This service can also be delivered via a blended model of onsite and offsite providing the client with reduced start up costs whilst leveraging the full IDOCS infrastructure including access to offshore partners and Hosting Services.

Advantages  :

  • Agreed document turnaround and service levels
  • Improved employee and business productivity
  • Improved knowledge management
  • Effective infrastructure to support change management.
  • Optimised and often reduced total cost of process
  • Intelligent processes and service improvement
  • Single point of contact, management and escalation across all services giving consistency of delivery across the end to end service life-cycle.

Get Measurable Results !

From Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to process controls and results, our Intelligent Document Management Services have a measurable impact on your business processes. Using a disciplined approach, we quantify performance, cost reductions, and ROI, while delivering some of the most stringent, performance oriented SLAs in the industry.