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At times clients have a specific project or scope-boxed activity. Some of the examples of such project opportunities are – the reverse-engineering of an application or database, development of a Website or Web app, develop presentation output using data from multiple software applications, development of a mobile application, conversion of an app from one platform to another platform, etc. IDOCS follows a rigorous estimation, planning, SOW development and finally Agile-based design/development/testing methodology to deliver these projects. The projects may be structured as co-development, turn-key, fixed-price or Time & Material.

IDOCS has a separate Project Services group composed of architects, PMs, business analysts, developers, QA engineers and systems engineers. IDOCS Global Services currently offers project services in all emerging technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, mobility, ITSM, Open Source, big data, LAMP, Java, .Net, Python and Ruby platforms.

Intellectual Property

Being in the technology industry, we realize how important Intellectual Property is to our clients. More so to the firms in the emerging technology space.

There are a number of measures that IDOCS takes to ensure our client’s IP is protected.


Protecting Client IP

  • We ensure all our employees and leadership/management execute client-approved NDA and Inventions agreement.
  • We take special care in ensuring our resources are not assigned to multiple clients – particularly multiple clients in the same industry.
  • Our on-boarding, induction and separation processes account for IP protection awareness.
  • We are open to leveraging special client-approved authorisation and authentication techniques to ensure only client-approved resources gain access to client code/IP.

Features of Project Execution

  • We can currently execute onsite, offsite and offshore based projects in Europe & India
  • We follow a mature metrics-driven project management process and framework
  • We follow a Waterfall based scoping, estimation and planning methodology and an Agile/Scrum-based development/testing methodology
  • A use a range of tools to improve efficiency and visibility of the project delivery – project management tools, version control tools, build automation tools, release/DevOps automation, etc
  • We offer specialised part-time resources through a shared-services model – this includes application architects, infrastructure architects, business analysts, UX engineers, etc
  • We offer a number of shared-risk/outcome-oriented pricing models
  • We allow our Project services clients to transition to a "collaborative delivery center"  model
  • We also offer our Project services clients to acquire our engineering resources through a contract-to-hire or BOT (build-operate-transfer) model
  • Our development methodology is customizable to each client’s organisation and need.
  • We protect your IPR on turnkey projects.

Do you have questions like ...

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What are your outcome-based risk-sharing models?
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What are pricing and terms for Project model?
Is there a minimum or maximum size or value of the project you like to execute? Are here such limits for fixed-price projects?
How do you provide updates on the project’s status? Can I see the demo of the work you are doing on a weekly basis?
How do you handover the work done by your team back to my team?
Do I (client organisation) own the IPR of the project developed?

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